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C'était une nuit sombre sur une route de campagne.

Cristanka Trickington
1 July 1985
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If I died I would come back for you.
abandoned buildings and factories, alt lit, angry spirituality, ayahuasca, beautiful people, before the storm, being a cancer, black bats, black cats, blindfolds, blood, boxcars, bruises, cancer, cancerian, capricorn, chaos, churning waters, clove cigarettes, collar bones, complicated, crayons, creative genius, dancing alone, despair, despairing eyes, dia de los muertos, dirty alleys, dive bars, dorothy parker, driving nowhere at night, drowning, drugs, eating disorders, elliott smith, eroticism, fire signs, flower of the dead, fly, flying foxes, foreplay, frozen cherries, frustrated idealists, full moon, funerals, getting mail, graffiti, green, grief, growing things, grunge, handcuffs, hermit, hiding from people, hip bones, hippies, hope that suddenly appears, human suffering, hurricanes, hydroponics, hypodermic needles, infinity, insanity, instinct, intelligence, irresponsibly jaded, isolation, jeff buckley, jerry cantrell, loss, lost in you, magical journeys, making the fuck out, masturbation, methadone, mewing, moon, moonlight, musicians, my bloody valentine, my stupid cat, mystery in your eyes, narcissism, nick drake, nighttime, obsessions, obsessive love, old typewriters, opiates, orchards at night, orifices, overdose, painting, perversion, pete, photography, piercings, pills, pnw, possession, prescriptions, primates, psychic vampiritic natures, rage, rage techno, rain, remington, ridiculously long baths, romanticism, run down coffee shops, scars, sensuality, sex, shooting the chorusline, shotguns, skeletons and dry bones, sleeping 12 hours, sleeping in your arms, smashing pumpkins, soulmate, soulmates never die, spiritual awakening, starving to death, state of delirium, stone temple pilots, strange tendencies, such a punk!, suicide, sunny day real estate, synthetic pessimist, syringes, talking heads, tarot, tattoos, temple of the dog, the big lebowski, thoughts you can feel, twin flames, unhealthy obsessions, war, water signs, widowed, wooded areas, writing in my head, zines